Fiddlers Sarah and Paul

Sarah and Paul Cranford created Wildfire Pottery together. Paul’s publications and CD’s are sold at the shop. They are both fiddle players and regularly play in sessions and concerts around the island.  Cape Breton has a style of celtic music, a mix of Scottish, Irish, Acadian and more that is unique to the island.

Paul has a huge website with great resources for musicians.  You can, of course, buy cds and books, but there are links to free music notation, sound files, articles and more.  Paul has published a series of books that are very useful to players in the Cape Breton style fiddle tradition.  Piper, piano players, guitar players and players of any melody instrument who are interested in Celtic music will find this site of interest.

To browse Paul’s website and shop visit:

To purchase Paul’s most recent cd click the image below.

Paul Cranford More Tunes cd


The Blue Mist Session

Every Thursday from 7 onwards there is a traditional music session at the Blue Mist Tavern in Bras D’or (Close to North Sydney)

Traditional musicians are welcome to join in and listener’s are valued!  Order a meal or a beverage and enjoy the tunes.