Laminated paper LED lanterns featuring my original artwork. Available in the Online Store here:


I’ve been making lanterns this winter.  Maybe it’s the long LOoooooooNG period of the unknown we have all been facing, or maybe it’s the shorter days but I’ve been craving lights in the evening. I turn on battery operated candles (with a remote!), plug in fairy lights and have little twinkly solar lights going too. So, it stands to reason that I’ve been making lamps and lanterns of my own.  In the early winter it was star lanterns (you can find them here: I loved the whole process: making designs, printing, cutting (some are cut with the laser cutter which is working again, thanks to the terrific skills of my    partner/studio tech/homme extraordinare Yves!), folding and gluing.

Now I have turned to making Laminated lamps/lanterns whatever you choose to call them. They are heavily laminated paper and all feature my own original animal artwork as you see above.  (The raccoon kills me, hahah!!) I have made some new designs and used some paintings I did in the past to decorate the lanterns. They are USB powered LED lights, turn on with a touch switch and can be plugged into any USB outlet. They provide a nice glowing light in a dark room. The neat thing about them is that they ship flat and are easy and not expensive to mail.  When you receive your lamp you just join the built-in snaps together and voila, you have a lamp. You can find them in the online store:

I had a lot of fun making a little video of the process:


Hope you are all keeping as well as possible in these hard times.



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